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I. Challenge

Bupa’s New Ventures team needed help promoting and testing their new online service, Bupa Self Pay. Self Pay helps members and non members access physiotherapy services at the click of a button. The team needed to run a campaign that would test whether or not the service would be picked up and used by the public.

Step 1. Run a session to review their marketing strategy.

Step 2. Highlight the key aims and ambitions of the campaign.

Step 3. Devise a creative concept for the campaign.

II. Solution

Whilst we were working with the New Ventures team it was agreed that a short engaging explainer video would be the best way to introduce and explain the platform.

In order to find the demographic for the new service, the campaign was to be delivered over Facebook sponsored ads, interest targeting on YouTube, and animated banner ads.

The animation was designed to be adaptable and easy to deliver across multiple platforms in order to achieve strong results quickly.

We produced one 45 second animation, one 10 second social media edit, and five banner ads.

III. Impact

The animation has had over 55,000 organic views since being released and has helped to sell to further service providers as well as onboard more users. Achieving clickthrough rates above the top end U.K. benchmarks of 20%, meaning we over delivered on views by 68%.

Bupa Self Pay has now been rebranded and relaunched as Bupa on Demand. The site has been migrated over to Bupa’s customer facing website and will initially offer five new services with more to come.

Over the course of 2017 we will be working with Bupa to help shape the new campaign for Bupa on Demand.

“The overall campaign was very strong. The 30 second version proved by far the most engaging and the extended animation gathered over 55,000 views on Youtube, essentially going viral!”

- Lee Duong // Customer Journey Owner, Bupa ‘Self Pay’
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