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Why share photos, when you can share cameras?





I. Challenge

GroupCam is an app that makes camera sharing easy. Ahead of their first investment round, the team needed to produce an animation that clearly explained the product. However, as a newcomer to the market, they were struggling to find a creative partner that could understand and interpret the app concept.

II. Solution

We quickly realised that in order to deliver on GroupCam’s vision, we would need to act as an extension of their team. By working closely alongside the app’s founders, while still retaining our objective point of view, we were able to create a clear, engaging video, with characters that could reinforce the company’s branding.

In the early stages of the project, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to communicate GroupCam’s message.

After writing and rewriting scripts, and drawing and redrawing storyboards, we began to build a clear picture of how the app worked, and what made it so unique.

III. Impact

The animation became a focal part of GroupCam’s investment pitch; they raised £120,000 in their first round of investment, and have since pursued further funding and secured 50,000 users across Denmark.

As well as delivering on the founders’ core objectives, the video has also gained exposure through a feature on Danish TV. Meanwhile, one of the characters designed for the animation is now used across their social media.

“Bearded Fellows are experts in animation and whilst working with them, I also realised they are experts in the message you want from your animation. They work and think like they are from your company. They understand our company and the message we want to reach our customers.”

- Poul Carmes // Co-Founder, GroupCam
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