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GSS – The History & Biology of Canine Detection


“The US spent over $19 Billion attempting to build a robot nose to outstrip a dog’s scenting abilities, they came to one conclusion: there was no beating dogs!”




I. Challenge

Skilled canine handlers can significantly reduce the cost of security, while improving effectiveness. And yet, during our ‘business needs’ session with GSS, we found that many leads didn’t convert because they felt more comfortable using conventional security guards.

II. Solution

Competitor analysis revealed that no other security company was producing high quality educational video content like this. So we made it our mission to produce something that visually distinguished GSS in the sector. To do this, we combined beautifully illustrated landscapes in 2D with elements of frame-by-frame animation.

We decided that an animation would be the perfect way to communicate how the natural ability of a canine, coupled with a handler, could benefit a company’s security requirements. The aims were twofold: enrich the sales process, whilst also educating the client.

III. Impact

The animation has been extremely effective in securing new clients, as it separates GSS from its competitors and drives brand engagement. By clearly communicating the powerful, cost-effective impact of deploying a canine handler team, the video has built brand trust and loyalty.

“Bearded Fellows are really open in the way they operate, full of great ideas, as you’d hope, and extremely adept at simplifying the complicated. Our two-way understanding is always the basis for a very strong relationship, which we certainly have with the team. Oh, and they bring the most amazing coffee to our meetings!”

- Kevin Wootton // Business Development Manager, Global Support Services
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