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This is an edited version of the live interactive video, go and watch the interactive version HERE.





I. Challenge

GSS were facing a period of high growth and had a series of operational, internal, and marketing challenges that they needed a creative partner to support them on; enter Bearded Fellows.

Step 1. Run a Business Exploration session and review the company’s growth strategy.

Step 2. Highlight the major challenges facing the company and prioritise them.

Step 3. Plan a 12 month video content strategy and highlight the immediate priority.

It was decided that a campaign to build the GSS brand, whilst driving recruitment, needed to be the focus of the first project.

II. Solution

Our research told us that the campaign target audience would mostly comprise of ex-military personnel looking for a new career. We decided to form a story around the personal experiences of the GSS staff as inspiration for the video’s narrative.

We produced an interactive dual narrative video that tells the story of an ex-military serviceman, a canine, and their journey. The viewer is able to switch between each video track by pressing the G key.

The interactive film portrayed the deep relationship and understanding a handler and their canine have, whilst engaging the viewer to actively interact with the video. It was essential that the video was thoughtful and honest about the challenges that ex-military personnel face when re-entering society.

III. Impact

The company’s recruitment rocketed, with the campaign helping to produce a 300% increase in quality recruitment enquiries as well save the business in the region £30,000 in recruitment fees. The video was universally praised by clients, staff and partners giving GSS confidence to grow their client portfolio as well as expand provisions to their current clients.

GSS Partnered with military charities to push the campaign using the hashtag #heyareyouok?. The campaign was focused on quality over quantity of engagement, focusing on small niche demographic who are usually hard to reach, something which we achieved.

The campaign strengthened the staff’s connection to the brand, from top level management, to the handlers off site and on the ground.

“The team has an uncanny knack of de-mystifying the whole creative/production process. The way they work with us means we feel involved and in control at every stage of that process.”

- Kevin Wootton // Business Development Manager, Global Support Services
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