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Due to a phenomenon called Product Effect, finding the smallest metal contaminants is a challenge for many food producers. The solution to this is a Profile Advantage metal detection system.





I. Challenge

As the world’s leading manufacturers of metal detectors for food producers, Mettler Toledo Safeline are confident in the quality and added value of their products. However, they recognised a need to stay competitive and target new customers, and saw that there was room to improve their marketing communications.

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II. Solution

It was immediately clear how MTS excelled in overcoming “product effect” challenges. So we decided to produce an animation that educated potential customers on what product effect is, why it’s important and how their metal detectors tackle it.

We felt that animated video would be the most effective way to break down these benefits for someone with little technical knowledge, and set about creating a simple and engaging animation that anyone would be able to understand.

“The care and attention they showed in understanding our business, our brand guidelines, and our target audience. They asked the right questions, and made suggestions backed up by facts and experience. Matthew and every member of the team that we met was friendly, personable and very knowledgeable. Their work spoke for themselves, and the positive feedback we received from internal and external stakeholders about our first project with Bearded Fellows encouraged us to make them our supplier of choice for similar projects in the future. We are currently in the process of finalising our 4th project with them.”

- Leanne Peasnall // Head of Marketing, Mettler Toledo
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