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Mini Mantas


Mani, your friend in the water. A unique, British made swimming aid. Mani gets children in the correct body position from the very start of the swimming journey.





I. Challenge

Having spent three years designing Mani, an innovative swimming aid, Mini Mantas were ready to launch their product. To do this, they wanted to produce an explainer video that would outline how it helps children learn to swim. However, we challenged whether this would be the best way to establish the brand.

II. Solution

Further research confirmed our premonitions: Mani is highly intuitive and effective, and product testing revealed that parents and children immediately understood the benefits. We knew that customers enjoyed the product; the challenge would be to build brand intrigue and purchase intent.

People buy people, and we felt that focusing on the motivation and hard work of founder Michael would make the brand video authentic and personal. Our video drew out the highly emotive route of his own inspiration – why he designed Mani in the first place, and the legacy he hopes to leave.

III. Impact

By putting the spotlight on the story behind Mini Mantas, we helped to build brand trust and loyalty, and inspire parents to go out and buy their swimming aid.

“This has been a unique and truly memorable experience within my 20 years in business. There is a confidence generated by the knowledge within the team and their commitment in making films that as you say ‘people want to watch’. A good story is only made of words unless you have the ability to translate its true meaning into an engaging film. That is what has happened for me in this experience… Not only did you get what I was trying to achieve you could feel a real sense of their emotional engagement in the project. That mix is quite a rare in my experience.”

- Michael Thomas // Founder, Mini Mantas
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