Agency Collective Tales Podcast with Bearded Fellows’ Samson Owolabi.

August 11, 2020 by The Bearded Team

Grab a brew and step into the hilariously blunt world of Bearded Samson in this Agency Collective Tales Podcast with Bearded Fellows’ Samson Owolabi. Samson talks diversity, refusing to pivot & what growing a purposeful agency really means to him.


What is The Agency Collective Tales Podcast? 

The Podcast talks to agency owners about how they are overcoming the challenges of COVID19 and the current economic climate. It highlights some of the best examples of agencies not just surviving, but innovating and thriving.

Thanks to Ellie and team for the belly laughs and for hosting The Agency Collective Tales Podcast with Bearded Fellows. We agree that our joint conversations are like ‘chicken soup for the soul’!


If you run a podcast and would like some real and honest discussions with one of the Bearded Fellows then contact us. We would love to be involved.


You can check out the podcast and other brilliant Agency Episodes below 👇🏾






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