Bearded Fellows move to Flexible Workspace ‘Colony’ – Jactin House, Ancoats.

March 9, 2021 by The Bearded Team

We After a fabulous 2 years at Bridgeworks, we have decided to embrace change and move into a private office at Colony in Ancoats. We are super excited to explore Ancoats’ cultural heritage and modern-day creative and entrepreneurial spirit and to embrace Colony’s flexible workspace potential.


COLONY is a network of flexible workspaces in Manchester — full of creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and established companies. Spaces where everyone exists together, where ideas pollinate and businesses flourish.”


Why move to Colony, Jactin House, Ancoats?

Finding the right space for our extended team, our network and our clients was hugely important to us all, as our agency is built on collaboration and partnerships.


We chose to move to Colony, Jactin House, Ancoats for its culture, flexible & inclusive offer.  Colonys’ specially designed workspaces offer both collaborative opportunities and the space to be alone and find clarity. Our extended team can base themselves in our private office and also have the opportunity to meet others, take part in events & extend their networks.

We are looking forward to contributing to seminars & networking events and to checking out work in the screening room. Having the opportunity to offer our clients a range of locations across Manchester is brilliant. And with Jactin House being only 7 mins away from a train station – is a convenient location for any visitor.


We can’t to welcome you here soon. With Ancoats being home to some of Manchester’s finest independent bars and restaurants – you’re in for a treat!


Bearded Fellows:

Colony |  Studio B.01 | Jactin House

24 Hood Street | Ancoats

Manchester | M4 6WX


Jactin House Ancoats

(Quote and main image taken from Colony Website)


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