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What is an explainer video? Explainer videos are short and snappy animated or film videos that help your audience better understand what you do. Whether you’re presenting a product or service, explainer videos help your prospective customers connect with your brand through educational visual content. At Bearded Fellows, our animated explainer videos are made to stand out from the rest, always aiming to have your brand front-of-mind when your prospects are ready to buy.

So if you’re looking for a brilliant explainer video for your brand or organisation, speak to our Bearded team. With experts in all types of explainer videos, we’ll help you turn your forward-thinking service or product into digestible, understandable content for your audience to understand. The end result? Increased engagement and ultimately, increased conversions. Get in touch to start your explainer video with us today.

Explainer Video Animation for Google - Bearded Fellows Creative Video Agency

Traditional Animated Explainer Videos

Traditional animated explainer videos are a fantastic way to get your software, product or service across to your target market. Using 2D animation to take your user on a journey through your product use, you’ll be able to help your prospect visualise the benefits and ease-of-use of your product. Just like in this animated explainer video collection for Google Retail and Google My Business, leveraging storytelling techniques enables your viewers to imagine themselves using your product.

Multi Stakeholder Training Animations - Mettler Toledo - Bearded Fellows

3D Explainer Videos Made In-House

As 3D animation experts, we’re able to create advanced 3D explainer animations for organisations that are looking to showcase their new product or flagship collection. By providing a full 360-degree perspective to your prospects, these explainer videos are perfect for detailing smaller sophisticated features, improving sales confidence and reducing barriers to conversion.

Speed and Scale - e-Fundamentals - Bearded Fellows Creative Video Agency

Brand-Focused Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are very often animation-driven, however combining the element of brand can help add personality and culture to your videos, building brand trust and relationships with your prospects. Brand-focused explainer videos such as this one for E-Fundamentals combine the aspect of education with brand to create an explainer video that connects and converts.

How Explainer Video Production Works

Creativity is what we do. We’ll work closely with you as your animation or video content partner to take your brief and brand guidelines to deliver standout explainer videos that educate and resonate. We’ll start with the script, developing your tone of voice to ensure your explainer video perfectly aligns with your brand. Then we’ll start the planning, framing out your animation to lay the foundation for a seamless explainer video. Finally, we bring your vision to life through our production team, leveraging only the best animation techniques combined with our passion for creativity – resulting in an explainer video that ticks all the boxes.

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