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Anthony Joshua x RDX


RDX Sports ambassador, Anthony Joshua – Olympic Gold Medalist, Commonwealth, British Heavyweight Champion and IBF World Heavyweight Champion.





I. Challenge

RDX Sports wanted to create a buzz around their newest ambassador, Anthony Joshua, in the run-up to his Heavyweight Title fight. They approached us to produce a TV spot, alongside a piece of content for their online channels with the capacity to go viral.

II. Solution

Being fans of boxing we wanted to create a TV spot that would resonate with fighters.

It focused on the core elements of boxing technique; the learning of a combination that every boxer purchasing their products could relate to. Anthony’s power is his number one asset so we focused on making sure his fists shook the viewer.

The viral video once again revolved around Anthony’s strength. However, this time, it showcased his well-documented humble and positive spirit, an angle that we knew would capture people’s attention.

III. Impact

Launched on NBC sports and at the Creed movie premiere in Las Vegas, the TV spot generated massive exposure for RDX Sports and Anthony Joshua before the fight.

Once released, the viral video gained over 1 million views across social channels. It was also broadcasted on five major news channels, including The Mirror, ITV and Yahoo Sports.

Through this project we were also approached by RDX to create a specialised trailer for the Creed movie, in collaboration with Warner Brothers, for UK and US audiences.

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