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The LADBible


“Russia sent a dog to space. NASA sent a monkey to space. Red Bull dropped a man from space. But we at The LADBible have sent our app into space.”




I. Challenge

With the launch of their app approaching, the founders of The LADBible asked for our support in delivering a campaign across all their social media channels. The aim? To drive as many of their current followers to download the app and start using it.

The problem they faced was that up until this point The LADBible had built their platform on the sharing of other people’s content, but now for the first time they needed to make their own… This raised a lot of questions with very few immediate answers.

It was clear that it was time The LADBible explored its brand and found its voice.

II. Solution

We researched and tested different styles in the run up to the launch: commercial, short social content, and docu-style. Based on the engagement and feedback each style received, we recognised the strongest style for the brand was docu-film led by a brand rep… a lad!

We devised a piece of hero content for the campaign to surround, which focused on the launch of the app into space! We took a presenter into the Pennines, strapped an iPhone to a helium balloon with the app running and launched it into space. The app launch was a big moment for the The LADBible and it was something they wanted share with all their followers! The audience engagement focused on the question of whether the launch was real or fake…

III. Impact

The LADBible app rocketed to Number 1 in the App Store within 24 hours! In the first week the video received over 2,000,000 views across all of their social media channels, and the style of video chosen has gone on to dictate the brands current and ongoing video content. The campaign shifted The LADBible from a large online social media platform to the biggest media platform in Europe!

The success of the campaign was recognised at the Prolific North Awards 2016 where Bearded Fellows went on to win ‘Video of the Year’.

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