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BBC Sounds

“This is incredible! It’s honestly my favourite asset we’ve made in three years of Obsessed With. I’ve sent it to Peakys marketing and press teams and everyone’s a big fan so thank you so much!”


By order of the Peaky Blinders!

BBC Sounds were launching a new podcast in their “Obsessed With…” series and the Bearded Fellows were honoured to the chosen video content partner to create BBC Sounds behind the scenes content. 

This new podcast was to be a follow-along of the final season of Peaky Blinders. As a result, they were looking for a fresh, new creative way to launch and announce the podcast series with an overarching social creative that hit their target audience and entertained them. This new podcast series would be a week-by-week audio output with social visual outputs in varying dimensions with the final episode a full video output.

The decision for the launch was almost last minute so we all needed to be ready at all times and flexible depending on the barriers that could and did arise.


The Approach

We wanted our creativity to blend fact and fiction. In a way that reflected the audience’s engagement with the show and cosplay, considering its cult-like following, we utilised a behind-the-scenes approach that breaks our reality and suspends the audience’s disbelief in what we are viewing. 

We referenced the initial Peaky Blinders intro in the social intro as a homage to the show, something that could initially resonate with the audience. 

In the first Three days since launch, this video reached 910,000 views, the highest viewership for a single piece on BBC Sounds Social channels.



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