Princes Docu-Ad Campaign



Princes Docu-Ad Campaign

Princes are a well-loved brand that has been delivering quality, tasty food and drink for over 100 years. Princes pride themselves on being able to cater for families of all shapes and sizes. From groups of friends, such as students, to large families who are often low-income, or a single occupant; ensuring that they can still eat healthily, without breaking the bank.

This project was part of their ‘Love Canned Foods’ campaign, aiming to target women, and more specifically, mothers, to invest in canned goods in time for Mothers Day. Princes were sold by Emily O’Leary’s warm, nurturing personality and had requested her support as an influencer-marketer to make delicious, budget-friendly recipes to be the main hero for this Mothers Day campaign, while using a canned food from the Princes range.

The power couple of Emily and her mother, Maeve, reminisced over nostalgic memories while creating their twist on the classic dish of corned-beef hash.

Princes’ ultimate goal was to push sales of canned goods amongst women and mothers approaching the Mothers Day period.


Client Target Audience

  • Regions: Hosted online across their social channels and website
  • Interests: Cooking, family, budget-friendly recipes, money-saving, health
  • Demographic: mothers, students, low-income families

Campaign Overview

Princes aimed to boost their sales for their Love Canned Food campaign in time for Mothers Day, meaning family was at the forefront of this docu-ad. It was important to us to allow the natural voice of Emily and Maeve to come through nice and strong, allowing their mother-daughter bond to shine, thus creating a sense of trust with the consumer.

We were required to find an ideal location to portray a sense of family and belonging, plan the docu-ad to maintain authenticity, yet also ensure the video was easy to follow for prospective consumers.

We delivered 2 docu-ads for the client, one full length version to be used on their website which customers could watch and follow, as well as a shorter version to be used across their social channels. The shorter video required more of a hook and engaging editing to maintain interest from the viewer. The final result saw an adoring mother and daughter creating a well-loved recipe in their home kitchen with simple, clean editing to allow easy-following from viewers.



2 Docu-Adverts:

  • 1 Hero Video to be viewed on their website
  • 1 shorter version to be used across their social channels



Location: To remain the integrity of this brand video, we had to invest a large chunk of time to find the prime spot to shoot. Not only did the space need to be relatable and appealing to the consumer, but we also needed to ensure that we had enough space behind the camera to work efficiently since recipe videos tend to be quite fast-paced. We found the perfect spot which was simple yet homely, while also allowing us to get to work.

Keeping it natural: In order to make our vision come across strong, it was imperative that the video remained as natural as possible. Once we arrived on set, Emily and Maeve’s family bond was crucial to ensure the video packed the punch we needed, therefore, we decided to ditch a written script completely. Instead, we focussed on having concrete talking points, which could be used as prompts, maintaining integrity.


The Process 

Once we had received the brief from the client, we got planning. Within this process, we were required to find the ideal kitchen for the part – something that screamed ‘home’, but also large enough for us to exert the filming process optimally.

After finding the perfect location, we got to the script writing stage. We liaised with Emily who was forthcoming with ideas as an influencer-advertiser. Further, once we stepped foot on set, the warm mother-daughter relationship was evident and we wanted to capture effectively, which is when we opted for prompts for key talking points.

To maintain the authenticity of the project, we did not do any extra video production on the food itself. We did overlay simple, clean annotation to the documentary-style advert to maintain ease of viewing for those wishing to follow the recipe at home. Multiple clear camera angles were used for the cooking, ingredients, preparation and of course, Emily and Maeve.


The End Result

Princes is a brand already well-known for being at the heart of the home and it was imperative this message was consistent in our docu-ad as well. Take a peek for yourself to see how we got on.


What our clients say about us

"I was provided with a clear schedule, with regular check-in points, and provided with opportunity to flex where necessary. Deliverables arrived on time, every time, and were to an incredibly high standard with very little feedback from us."

- Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience, Emerald Works

"Their work has been the driving force behind us redefining our brand within the marketplace. We now have a stronger social media presence, and our video performance has increased year-over-year."

- Senior Content Marketing Executive, Kaplan

"As a result of the new content, third-party clients have seen marked increases in ROI"

- Laura Murphy, Managing Director, NBE Digital

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