Finance Sector YouTube Adverts



Finance Sector Youtube Adverts

Kaplan can trace its roots back to the very beginning of accountancy training in the UK. Kaplan wanted to raise awareness of their courses and drive new audiences towards a career in accountancy through the creation of targeted finance sector Youtube adverts. 

The youtube video ads were to be released during the height of results season capturing people as they were making decisions on their next career step. The aim was to reach audiences that didn’t think accountancy was an accessible choice for them and to showcase how accountancy was an obtainable, flexible and lucrative career.

The “Natural Accountant” theme was borne and focused on the skills that individuals naturally have and how they are  used in a career in accountancy.  (‘Master of Payroll’,  ‘Natural Forecaster’ and ‘Born to Audit’.) All adverts had a seasonal, comedic twist to engage the desired audiences and to make a career in accountancy relatable.  

We loved working with the Kaplan Marketing team. The research team gave us a clear direction regarding the profiles and segmentation of the audiences and we ran sessions with the team, guiding them through the creative and video production process. This  included scriptwriting, scenario placements and casting.  

The team loved the Finance Sector YouTube Adverts we created and we went on to create animated seasonal campaign content for the next year which can be found across their online learning platforms.   




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"I was provided with a clear schedule, with regular check-in points, and provided with opportunity to flex where necessary. Deliverables arrived on time, every time, and were to an incredibly high standard with very little feedback from us."

- Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience, Emerald Works

"Their work has been the driving force behind us redefining our brand within the marketplace. We now have a stronger social media presence, and our video performance has increased year-over-year."

- Senior Content Marketing Executive, Kaplan

"As a result of the new content, third-party clients have seen marked increases in ROI"

- Laura Murphy, Managing Director, NBE Digital

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