Beauty Industry App Launch Animations



Launching a Beauty Industry App through Animation

BeGlam is beauty industry app that connects mobile hair stylists and make-up artists with customers in need of their services.

Before they could take their product to market and launch, BeGlam needed to onboard service providers. They then needed a way to drive users to download and use the app.

Developing beauty industry animations that communicated their key messages to both audiences was an efficient and creative way to meet both these needs.


Working out real need through the Creative Consultation process

Our creative consultation process enabled us to work with the BeGlam marketing team to really understand their brand. Firstly it was vital we understood their key challenges and the challenges of their users. We then needed to focus in on the key messages they needed to communicate.

It became obvious that BeGlam would meet their needs by creating two beauty industry animations. The first animation would support the on-boarding of service providers, the second animation would drive app downloads by users. 


Collaborating with our Creative Agency network

Our first challenge was to test out illustration styles & find some that really represented their beauty brand.

After reviewing our trusted pool of illustrators and designers, we collaborated with Guy McKinley. Guy has a strong aesthetic and a real skill for character work which was central to this project. 

Once we had agreed on the style of the animations we worked with BeGlam to develop the storyboard and script for the beauty industry animations. We then sourced the music and voice over artist that would convey their messages in their desired tone of voice


Animation Sucess

BeGlam loved their animations. The design and illustrations were consistent across both animations and were used across their website, social media channels and future marketing communications. 



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