‘Mani’ A Product Launch Brand Video

Mini Mantas

“WOW…! It’s fantastic. I had a vision of this and this is how I envisaged it – I am really excited!”

Micheal Thomas - Founder of Mini Mantas

Getting Below the Surface of a New Product Launch

Having spent three years designing Mani – an innovative swimming aid, Mini Mantas approached us with the idea of creating an explainer video to help them launch their product.  

After diving into the story of the products development and the passion through which it was created, we felt that a better way to establish the brand and to communicate its key messages would be to create an authentic and personal product launch brand video. By focusing on the motivation and hard work of its founder Michael; our brand video drew out the highly emotive route of his own inspiration. Why he designed Mani in the first place, and the legacy he hopes to leave.

We also produced a supporting product video to enable the team to easily communicate its technical advantages when approaching investors and communicating with the fitness and leisure industry.




Production Company BTS

We worked closely with Michael of Mini Mantas to develop the visual and written storyboard and later the final script which is told through the eyes of a child learning to swim.

We began the story with the child tiptoeing into open water to communicate how frightening it can be to learn to swim for the first time. The wide shots enhance the feeling of fear and trepidation, even if in reality he is in a pool and not the ocean. The close shots between child and parent communicated the feelings of intimacy, encouragement, reassurance and connection. These are feelings that the product facilitates as the film shows the child growing into a strong, confident, independent swimmer with the help of his Mani.

Organising a multiple location shoot that involves water and children inevitably has its complications but this was aced thanks to live-action production expert Samson who focused the inside shots to two Manchester-based leisure centres. The beach scene was shot on a beautiful, clear day in Crosby, overlooked by the awesome Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Day’ sculptures. The child actors we worked with were true professional and created a really fun and lively atmosphere on set.




Staying Afloat

Success for this brand video lay in communicating Mini Mantas story in an authentic, personal and emotive way to an audience that would genuinely benefit from this innovative product. 

Mini Mantas are going from strength to strength and you can now see them floating around mainstream shops. The video remains on the front page of the website and is used to encourage investment and buy in. We love the video and reports confirm that the audience do too – a great result for a wonderful product.   





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