Recruitment Video Campaign for Essity Clinical Consultants

Essity Clinical Consultants


Essity Clinical Consultants

Essity is a global hygiene and health company that has gained momentum in the industry by developing, producing and selling personal care and tissue products. With a rich history spanning several decades, Essity has established itself as a leading player in the market, serving millions of consumers worldwide. Essity AB is recognised as one of the top 50 largest fast-moving consumer goods companies globally, competing with renowned brands such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark. Their mission revolves around improving well-being through sustainable and innovative solutions for everyday needs. 


Campaign Overview

The campaign aimed to attract nurses and medical staff to Essity by positioning the company as an excellent employer in terms of well-being and work-life balance while allowing professionals to maintain their hands-on patient care involvement. As a video agency covering London and Manchester, we needed to highlight Essity as a viable option for registered nurses seeking a fulfilling career that provides the same, and additional opportunities. For example, to both spend quality time with family and maintain a better work-life balance.



We provided one full feature video, of 3 minutes 31 seconds in length, for use on their social media channels and direct marketing campaigns in the UK and Republic of Ireland.



Client Challenges

The final edit: The main challenge we encountered was the omission of certain highly personal stories from the final films. Balancing the need to respect the individuals’ truths while fulfilling Essity’s desired portrayal proved to be a delicate task. In order to adhere to the specific brief we were given, we had to exclude some of the more extreme statements of the individuals. It is worth noting that the abundance of material we gathered could easily serve as the foundation for an entirely new series of videos.

Creating a personal story: Although we had planned everything to precision, we added an extra personal touch to this project. We managed to contact one of the individuals’ families and organise a surprise for her live on camera. Not only did this reduce her to (happy) tears, but it created an overwhelmingly authentic touch.


The Process

Here at Bearded Fellows, a creative video agency in Manchester, we love a project which we can sink our teeth into from the get-go. We devised the plan, before meeting the whole group of potential candidates who Essity employs for the creative video. This meant we had full autonomy over the stories selected for the awareness campaign, allowing us to pick the most appropriate yet compelling stories to portray. 

We planned our piece to camera style, this delivered an intense theme to the campaign, giving a spotlight style imagery on the subject against the black backdrop, allowing the individuals to be the sole focus of every story with no distractions for the viewer.

Our creative focused on the individuals sharing their work and personal journeys with us, meaning the subjects must share their vulnerability to allow us to create the final video we needed to make this campaign successful. We had to ensure respect was therefore at the forefront of every interaction we had, as well as getting the individuals relaxed in order to share their incredibly personal stories with us.

We didn’t use typical filming techniques for this project. Instead, we use active listening and CBT. Fortunately for us here at Bearded Fellows video and animation agency, some of our highly-skilled team are well versed and experienced in such practices.

In addition to the main feature video, we wanted a shared experiences video, adding viewpoints of their loved ones. To achieve this, we had various conversations with the individuals beforehand and also gained access to their families for validation. We were extremely empathetic, but most importantly, appreciative that they even shared their vulnerability and stories with us. 



The End Result

After establishing a relationship, we were able to showcase the similarities and deliver a video which could connect emotionally with other NHS staff. Take a look to see the final outcome. 


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