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Renew Your Marketing Assets with Animated Copy whilst Filming is on Hold (5 Tips)

March 26, 2020 by admin

How Do You Renew Your Marketing Assets with Animated Copy whilst Filming is on Hold? Here’s How To Tell Your Story – Right Here Right Now!


And Breathe…  

As we wake up this morning to another day of official ‘Lockdown’ and the world rotates the wrong way on its axes – it’s a real challenge to keep calm and carry on. But we are going to help you try by showing you how to renew your marketing assets with animated copy. (Or at least make you smile and give you a little hope.)

First off – we really want to say that we are sending out love to all our colleagues, clients and friends. So many people are struggling in this cluster f*ck of a situation. We are working with the sector at large to find ways to support and partner with as many people as we can. We want to stress that if we can help in any way, please get in touch and we will do our best to support.

Renew Your Assets With Animated Copy

For those of us that are able and lucky enough to carry on working (in between uninvited Joe Wicks’ exercise classes)… it’s a time to take stock, regroup and find new ways to genuinely connect with each other and our audiences – now and for the future. People are consuming content more than ever and the demand for entertainment, connection and meaning is at a premium.

The limitations imposed on the content that we can now create may seem like a burden. Especially for those that primarily use video and live-action to communicate with their audiences.

The reality is, however, that we now have a golden opportunity to push the boundaries of what we normally do and to find creative solutions in the way that we connect. As Orson Welles said: “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” And we think he was spot on!

This is our chance to really get creative and open up meaningful engagement with audiences through authentic storytelling and we should do so with daring and creative bravery. Now is the time to get out the war paint, jump up on our imaginary horses and like Braveheart, shout into the wind:


“They will never take our creative freeeeedom!”



Why There’s Never Been A Better Time For Animated Content

But seriously – we all know that real, true, emotive brand connections are forged through the power of storytelling. Good storytelling – the type that rips up the handbook, takes stock of the situation at hand and opens up to the people you want to speak with (not to.. with). Inviting them on a journey that they can relate to or that will make them laugh, cry, smile, gasp and feel something real.

One way we help clients develop, tell and share these stories is through animation and animated video content. There’s never been a better time to renew your marketing assets with animated copy. Here’s why:


1: Location, Location, Location

Managing the animation process is not location bound. This makes it a timely and welcome way to renew your marketing assets with animated content. Global creative talent can be accessed remotely and with so many free, digital communication and project management tools already embedded in so many companies’ cultures – it’s never been easier to stay connected throughout the whole process.


2: Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can

Whether you want to create new content or use an asset bank that you already have, animated content can help you utilise and renew (brand) assets to tell your story through a range of channels. This allows for more campaign flexibility. Animating evergreen & (stock) footage for social campaigns is a hugely efficient way of utilising existing content. And using multilingual text and voice-overs can ensure the campaign is a global success.


3: Defy Reality & Accept No Limitations

Whether you choose to visualise a story in a realistic way or to welcome your audience into a creatively fantastical world – the range of animation styles available offers limitless opportunities to engage with your audience. Send your audience into space, to the bottom of the ocean or to another century. All without having to involve NASA, sharks or internal combustion in your risk assessment. The ability to invent and bring to life the perfect characters to connect with your audiences, and the lack of resources needed to create the perfect environments are major advantages of animated content.


4: Communicate Complex Messages Through Engaging Storytelling

Animated content provides the ability to break down complex concepts into easy to understand, digestible messages. These can then be adapted to fit a range of channels. People remember and connect with animated content. 65% of people are visual learners and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. A timely example being the governmental key Covid-19 messages that are being distributed at present.


5: Last But Not Least: Emotion

Whether it’s humour, joy, anger or nostalgia: animation is a powerful way of eliciting emotional triggers and creating meaningful connections between your audience and brand. Animation serves as both an engaging work of art and a highly accessible communications tool. It is a timely and efficient way of telling your story.


The Show Must Go On!

We are embracing this ‘working from home’ business. Despite it’s many challenges and are loving the humanity we see on a daily basis.


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