Welcome to the ‘Creative Worm.’ Our socially distanced lockdown game!

May 11, 2020 by Bearded Matthew

14 creatives were given 48 hours to make a 6-8 second response on the theme ‘Connection. ‘Welcome to the ‘Creative Worm.’ Our socially distanced lockdown game!

Lockdown Blues

Unsurprisingly, because of lockdown, morale was low amongst our creative network. We checked in with our friends to see how we could help and decided that we had a platform that could boost motivation and showcase the incredible talent of our network. And so, after a team creative session .. the Creative Worm was born!

The idea was simple. We invited 12 creatives to respond to an animated stimulus around the the theme of ‘connection’. Each artist had 48 hours to respond to the last persons work and pass the baton to the next artist.

The response:

We were thrilled with the huge response we received as the #creativeworm rapidly took on a life of its own.

The result is a story that tells the collective yet personal experiences of our first month in lockdown. It is a beautiful, time capsuled story that is told from multiple points of view through a range of artistic mediums. We think the results are quite literally out of this world!


Click the image below to see the full video in all its glory on our vimeo page. 👇🏽



Thank you to the following artists for their contribution:

Sarah Hodgetts | Joanne Parker | Abbie Kirwan | Chris Chadwick | Garth Lee Vickers | Stina JonesRonaldo Almeida Jota | Emily Langdon Smith (erlsanimation) | Laura Orton | Danny CoyneMinnie Heeks | Fay Palmer | Thomas Davidson | Tim Simpson

& James Williams & Owain Kelly for the music. (Yes.. Like ABBA..)
If you would like to know more about how we support our network, check out our about page or contact us.


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