Why Behind the Scenes Video Marketing is So Powerful

July 26, 2022 by The Bearded Team

Why is Behind the Scenes Video Marketing so Effective?

Video content has absolutely exploded in recent years and is a brilliant marketing tool for any business. 

There are several types of video and animation that can be used for video marketing, including explainer videos, testimonials and product demonstrations. 

One fantastic form of video marketing is ‘behind the scenes’ content. In this article we will take a closer look at ‘behind the scenes’ video and how they can add value to your companies video marketing strategy and help you stand out from the crowd. 

Tony Bellew is Angry - BBC Sounds

What is Behind the Scenes video marketing?

Behind the Scenes content is used to show the ‘real’ and more personal side of a business. These videos can vary from content focusing on workplace culture to videos showing how your business create a handcrafted product.  

Any business can take advantage of ‘behind the scenes’ videos and can be utilised in so many different ways. A restaurant could create a video to show how they source their ingredients and hand prepare dishes or a performing arts company could create content around the rehearsal process. 

Behind the Scenes videos are so effective as they make your customer feel involved in your company and your products and services, pulls on the emotional connection they have with your brand and emphasises brand personality.


Examples of Behind the Scenes content in B2C

1. LADBible Viral App Launch

B2c ‘behind the scenes’ content is commonplace – the rise of TikTok has contributed to this and Millenials and Gen-Z tend to spend more time researching a brand and their values before purchasing. Our docu-style video for LADBible is an example of B2C ‘behind the scenes’ content. We really enjoyed making this video and went on to win ‘Video of the year’ at The Big Chip Awards 2016. 

The video focuses on launching LADBible’s app into space, and we follow the journey on how they achieved this. The aim was to encourage downloads of the new LADBible app by creating a voice and personality to the brand, as their content is usually user-generated. We had to ensure the brand tone matched the humour and personality expressed by LADBible across their platform. 

Find out more about our LADBible project here.

2. Anthony Joshua Lifts Van to Get Kids Football

Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer and hugely popular sportsman. He is a two-time former unified world heavyweight champion. The ‘behind the scenes’ video of Anthony Joshua shows multiple attempts at filming Anthony Joshua preparing for a boxing match, however he continues to get interrupted by people walking in the background, a car approaching and eventually a child losing his ball under a van. Anthony Joshua is then captured lifting the van to get the football for the surprised child and his mum.

Why was this so effective? Often we see Anthony Joshua in the stadium but this video highlights his kind personality as well as his strength and ability. It also involves the viewer in the filmmaking process from a side viewers rarely get to see, which is therefore more engaging.

Examples of Behind the Scenes content in B2B

Behind the Scenes content is hugely popular in B2C, particularly with the growth of TikTok and Instagram Reels. These platforms allow small and large businesses to create fun, engaging content for their social media, engaging their followers and customers and giving them an insight into the working of the business. However, going ‘behind the scenes’ is much harder in B2B and creating powerful content from this can be a challenge. After all, a lot of B2B businesses are run from offices – not in a boxing gym and not in the middle of a field sending a phone into space! Creating ‘behind the scenes’ content for B2B is all about thinking outside-the-box and expressing personality and culture. Here are two examples of ‘behind the scenes’ content for B2B businesses.

Show Business Interiors – Property & Show Home Videos

Show Business Interiors help to ‘bring interiors to life’, adding life and expert design into new build homes and working closely with some of the UK’s biggest house building organisations to create luxurious, homely new build homes.

Going ‘behind the scenes’ with Show Business Interiors, we followed a few key members of staff around the office and ran a ‘conversational’ and narrative video piece, driving anticipation and helping the viewer connect with the individual and, therefore, the organisation.

Find out more about the project here.

3 Reasons Behind the Scenes Content is So Powerful 

Behind the scenes videos can be a great way to generate conversation around a brand. But ‘behind the scenes’ content is good for more than just hitting headlines, there are so many ways these videos make brilliant marketing material. 

1) Humanise your brand 

Behind the scenes videos allow you to come across more ‘real’ to your customers, making your video content feel more down to earth and approachable. Consumers want to support and connect with real people, not faceless brands. 

Showing your business in a relaxed and friendly setting will help your customers relate to your brand and build a rapport. By humanising your company you can better connect with your audience in a fun manner. 

2) Build trust 

Showing your products and services through a ‘behind the scenes’ video is a valuable method of marketing that allows you to build trust with the audience. Behind the Scenes content can feel more authentic to more structured and refined video content, this allows the audience to feel like a brand is genuine and trustworthy. 

Other video content that your business produces will be highly curated and edited which of course has its place in your marketing strategy. But, combining these polished videos with a more raw and relatable ‘behind the scenes’ video will ensure your audience see multiple sides of your business and feel more invested in your products and services.

3) Social media 

The informal style of ‘behind the scenes’ videos are perfect for social media. They are usually also shorter and more entertaining than other forms of video marketing such as product demos.

Posting ‘behind the scenes’ videos on social media helps brands reinforce their values and highlight the people involved in running the business. Behind the Scenes videos are also known for being easier to create than scripted and edited content which makes them ideal for fast-paced social media platforms such as TikTok. 

Top Tips for Creating Standout Behind the Scenes Video Content

How to create the best ‘behind the scenes’ video will vary greatly as it depends on the company, product and platform used to distribute the video. 

We would always recommend seeking the help of professionals such as Bearded Fellows in order to maximise the potential of your video content, however here are our tips on how to create standout content. 

Highlight your people 

Your audience are looking to add a face to your brand. By showing your team and how they love your company and product/service, will help build rapport and trust. 

‘A day in the life’

When you are only exposed to the end product, it can be easy to become detached from the bigger picture and how products and services come to be. By creating day-to-day videos your audience can see the challenges and work that goes into producing the end product, making your brand more relatable and valuable in your customers eyes. 

Showcase your personality 

To keep your audience engaged with the video you’ll need to make it fun! Avoid too many corporate-related videos and repetitive videos. With an over-saturation of entertaining video available to consumers, you need to stand out from the crowd and create interesting but fun videos.

Boast your accomplishments 

To prevent dull or repetitive content, look around you for inspiration on your next ‘behind the scenes’ video. It could be that there is a new project that would be of interest to your audience, or you recently won an award. Showing your audience your success will further build your trusting relationship and install confidence in your customers. 


Although ‘behind the scenes’ videos are unedited in the sense that you are not filming multiple takes of the same shot until it is perfect, they do still need to be pieced together and made into an enjoyable video to watch. Carefully consider the length of the video when editing it together, aiming for one to four minutes in length. 

Let’s go behind the scenes

We are Bearded Fellows, we help brands, agencies and organisations to achieve their strategic marketing goals through video and animated content. Contact us today to create your ‘behind the scenes’ video content project.

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