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What it’s like being a Design Intern during a pandemic?

July 2, 2020 by The Bearded Team

What it’s like being a Design Intern during a pandemic? Here’s a blog by one of our design interns about her experiences with us, the industry and yep..  the pandemic.


How I got the Internship at Bearded Fellows and what I’ve been doing

Hi, I’m Emily. I’ve been on and off with Bearded Fellows for just over a year now. We first met when they took a shine to my CV which was printed on a tote bag – practical and informative. What it’s like being a Design Intern during a pandemic? I’ve since worked on various projects and enjoyed some experience in a real office with some like-minded professional creatives. During my work experience I have helped Claire explore the expansion of the in-house style, brand and tone across digital platforms. This is an area of marketing which has become even more vital to businesses. Now more than ever with the surge of digital communication caused by Covid 19.




Learnings throughout the Internship

The last few weeks we have been designing icons for Instagram stories. It has been interesting for me to produce work for someone else, rather than myself. As a student you often resolve your design to your own taste. In this case my process required a back and forth dialogue, something I’m sure I will get used to.  It did mean the process took longer than I expected and that I had a large amount of versions and variations. It has been helpful to have some insight into the designer-client relationship, especially with such lovely people! I have a lot to learn but I am looking forward to it.



Designing during a Pandemic

With the current crisis, communication has been entirely digital. This has been difficult as their office is usually a lively place. No amount technology can replace a real human conversation and this has been one of the hardest parts of the last few months. Zoom calls and emails are becoming part of the natural order, I’m well-adjusted but they can be difficult.

I’ve had two interviews on Zoom and I wouldn’t recommend it, in addition I dread that moment when the call finally ends and you’re sat staring at your computer in silence. Harrowing stuff… Still it is always a delight to speak to ‘The Beards’!


Key questions for the future of our industry

I think as designers and creatives this could be a really exciting time for us. When we respond to briefs we are tackling a problem and creating a solution. Now the world is facing a stream of social change and we will be needed to communicate new messages and generate new solutions. With restrictions on not only our movement but also our creative resources it’s a time for us to use initiative and come up with exciting ways to interact with the measures in place. How will businesses find a way round the restrictions? What can we use in our homes and or local area to generate a response? Limitations often make us more creative and I think the art, design and cultural response to this period will be incredibly interesting to look back on.



By Emily Pellen.

Check out my website! 👇🏽



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