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KIlling Eve – Almost Killing Me

February 18, 2022 by Joe


Marilena has joined us as a junior creative producer, we asked her to write about her first day on set since joining

Bearded Fellows.




Have you ever felt like you are in an action movie? Cameras zipping around you, people moving in coordination, some quick shouts? Never? Oh, then you are in the right place to hear a story, my story, of my first ad shoot.

I started working for Bearded Fellows almost a month ago as a junior creative producer. I thought I expected everything but I definitely did not expect this. My first week in this position and they informed me I would travel to London to assist on two ads for BBC Sounds. 


I was shocked. 


My first week, such a big job and IN LONDON? If you consider I came from a small town in Greece this sounded like a dream to me.


The Day Begins


It was the 2nd of February, 9am specifically, running to catch the train to London for my first video shoot which was for  “Killing Eve”. I was so excited and anxious, as it was my first project, that I fell down and twisted my right ankle.


So, I took a deep breath, took a painkiller and put ice on my ankle and got on the train to London. 

There, I met my colleague Ezekiel met at Euston train station. Both of us were clueless about how London works, but that was the fun of it, the adventure of making it in time and discovering London. 


Getting to the Location

Finally, after my ankle accident and Ezekiel’s phone running out of battery,  we were at the location.

This place was huge, with lots of stairs and a faulty elevator- that was great for the production team- of course I am joking, it was the worst but still, they managed.



Samson, the creative director, was in control of everything, checking the lights, sounds, script, camera and …my bad ankle. After we set the place and prepared our models, we called action.

The atmosphere changed completely. From a fun and relaxed vibe to still fun but professional. Everyone was concentrating and focused and you could hear only one voice, Samson’s.


He was literally checking even the smallest detail like, if you can see the headphones from the right angle or how to cover the logo from our models’ clothes.

Ezekiel and I were responsible for capturing some behind the scenes, taking photos for social media and of course, I was helping Samson as much as I could with the whole production. 

And let’s not forget my face was captured in the production as well – my Mum would be so proud hahaha. I could not believe that I WAS ON A REAL SET.

I felt I was helping to produce a TV series or something, maybe because it was my first time on such a big production or because I am an enthusiastic person in general. 

The only thing I know for sure is, that feeling and that day will be unforgettable to me.



The Wind Down

 In a small summary, it was a good set with not too much drama- nothing I can reveal anyway! 

Hours passed, everyone was exhausted but happy and that was a wrap. 

After this amazing day, the whole team went to the hotel, we left our stuff and Samson bought us all a delicious dinner. Day finished, time for sleep and tomorrow another crazy shooting was ready to start and the name of it was “Peaky Blinders”.

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