Our Top Picks for 2024

December 20, 2023 by Bearded Matthew

Eddie Huang’s Vice Documentary

Matthew Stanners
Managing Director

“In 2024 Eddie Huang is going to begin production of a documentary about the rise and  fall of Vice Media. Eddie is one of my favourite cultural figures, writers and guys who can describe food over the telly extremely well! Vice gave a platform for alternative content makers to put a lens on weird and wonderful things across the globe. But it seems like all great things that keep growing eventually they morph into some twisted capitalistic version of itself, and now it’s fallen apart. I’m fascinated to look behind the curtain.”

The American Society of Magical Negroes

Samson Owolabi
Creative Director

“I’m looking forward to this movie’s potential to create uncomfortable conversations between people. Or the potential to be ignored as it hides uncomfortable truths behind a comedy love story. This is one of the first “Modern Hollywood” movies in this vein to not attack anyone, but to merely showcase an uncomfortable reality. So for me, I am going to watch this and laugh, but for others I hope they laugh, understand and experience. Booo to the love story but I get why they had to add this in to get it over the line with the studio.”

More Exploring

Florin Mocanu
Art Director

“Embrace curiosity, engage actively, and let inspiration flow! Whether you’re immersed in the dynamic atmospheres of art galleries, cultural centers, and theaters, or engaged in an adventurous rock-climbing journey in The Dolomite Mountains, there’s always something new to discover and experience.”

George A. Romero’s: Resident Evil

Jack Roberts

“Here’s what Wikipedia says, and I’m in: A documentary that explores the vision that director George A. Romero had for an adaptation of Resident Evil, using new interviews with the people who were involved, and revealing the secrets behind why it was never made.”

The Paris Olympics

Lil Constantine

“When the Paris 2024 logo was revealed, it divided opinions. People criticised the banality of using a ‘chic’ woman. Paris = fashion = women, etc. But I like the use of a woman representing the biggest sporting competition in the world. And she isn’t just a woman, she pays homage to Marianne, the Goddess embodiment of the French Republic. The slinky Art Deco font puts the clunky London 2012 emblem to shame. Basically, the logo got me excited, so I have high hopes for the opening ceremony. French music, food, fashion, and art. They have a lot to pack into one show and I look forward to it.”

Poor Things

Dan Stafford
Operations Manager

“New one by Yorgos Lanthimos. Looks even more unhinged than The Lobster or The Favourite. Featuring dog-duck hybrids, puff-sleeves, Willem DaFoe in prosthetics and unprovoked outbursts of dead-pan violence. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure I haven’t seen it before; and when everything at the cinema feels like it’s a sequel to a sequel, not knowing is a good thing.”

Runway Festival AI Film Festival 2024

Joe Gosling
Marketing Director

“After a year of learning and creating with generative AI I have been excited by the endless possibilities for narrative storytelling an the future of everything we create and do.  

Runway.ml are hosting an AI film festival with top prizes of $15,000 for the winner in 2024.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the world of AI creatives are going to showcase with this new medium of expression. Nothing has ever got better than its previous version quicker than generative AI next year is going to see massive leaps forward  in this area.”

Mother Mother’s 2024 UK Tour

Hollie Charnock

“I’m excited for Canadian indie rock band ’Mother Mother’s UK Tour. The band’s catalogue draws inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community – which resonates with me and my peers – challenging stereotypes, particularly of masculinity and gender. The band’s music videos are often very striking, visually beautiful, and creative, with unconventional editing methods and visuals ranging from Art Deco to the completely absurd!”

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