What is a Creative Video Agency?

April 12, 2023 by Bearded Matthew

If you’re looking to create a quality video or animation to support your brand with an upcoming project, you may be wondering what service you need to hire. There are so many different video agencies out there and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Whether you’re in-market for a brand awareness campaign, product launch video or commercial video, you’ll need a creative video agency to take the reins. In this article we’ll explore what a creative video agency is, what they do and how they can help you with your video.

On Set with BBC Sounds Killing Eve | Bearded Fellows
Behind-the-scenes of Bearded Fellows launch video for BBC Sounds Obsessed With… Killing Eve.


The importance of video production

Video production is a powerful tool to showcase a product or service to prospective clients. It draws the viewer in, while listening to the reasons why they need your product/services. In turn, you are explaining to the viewer how you can resolve any problems they may have with the perfect solution. Up to 95% of viewers retain messages delivered through video format, whereas only around 10% of readers retain a message through written content. Therefore, utilise video production in order to sell your product.

In addition, creative video production can effortlessly deliver a brand’s key principles, personality, culture and ethos through their videos. As a result, achieving the goals and objectives of a business. So, if you’re looking for consistent branding with a strong message underpinning your adverts/promotions, video production is a perfect fit for the job.


What does a creative video agency do?

When considering an upcoming project, there are multiple different roles and skill sets required in order to complete the task effectively and successfully with such huge competition out there. You’ll need a collaborative approach to cover all bases, including creative conception, script writing, design, animation, implementation, production and strategising. This is where a creative video agency comes in. A creative video agency will have all these bases covered with pre-vetted and trusted third party specialists.

Think of a creative video agency as a Marketing Director’s right-hand. They’ll work with you to ensure you have a video production process which can create a compelling video, just as a video production company would do. This will include top-quality lighting, camera work, sound and so on. But, a creative video agency will add so much more to the picture. Ultimately, they provide innovative strategies and effective storytelling to support brands to achieve their goals through the use of their trusted third-party contacts. 


What’s the difference between a video production company and a creative video agency? 

A video production company can film and create fantastic, high-quality videos – however a significant creative brief will be required from the client (more on writing the perfect brief, here). In contrast, a creative video agency will design, plan and create with the brand’s goals in mind, and do so with unrivalled creativity. They’ll work alongside the in-house team, taking ideas and enhancing them, going that extra mile to deliver the very best. They ensure all the loose ends are tied to create a consistent message to the consumer, resulting in maximum impact across all platforms.

So, what services does a creative video agency provide? Well, they can provide an abundance of value through the following services, to name a few:

  • Campaign concept
  • Video strategy
  • Discovery and scoping
  • Animation production
  • Mixed media production
  • Video production
  • Design and illustration
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Creative direction
  • Art direction
  • Short form video (under 5 minutes)
  • Long form video (over 5 minutes)
  • Video and animation partnership
  • Campaign photography
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Creative workshops


While delivering these services, they will ensure a brand’s goals are at the forefront and underpinning every detail of what they produce. Therefore, whether you require an outstanding video for brand awareness or for an exciting new product launch, you know you’ll receive an end product which will be a successful fit for your brand.

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Why should you use a creative video agency? 

There are endless benefits of using a creative video agency. Firstly, they will save you time. It can be overwhelming when covering the logistics and components of a video. It would be a tough feat to create a video as effective as a creative video agency when having to cover script writing, location and cast scouting, filming, editing and post-production, to name a few. A creative video agency can successfully complete all of these tasks by using their bank of experts, in a timely manner.

Your business will likely already have a marketing department, but do they have the skills to produce impactful video content and deploy a consistent message across multiple platforms, in an engaging way? A creative video agency will have a team of specialists in their field to work collaboratively, bringing your vision to life. With a team that are experts in all areas of creative marketing, design and production, they’ll be sure to embed a clear message amongst prospective consumers, aligning perfectly with the brand’s goals and objectives.

Even if you have an innovative marketing team in-house, bursting with creative concepts, you may not have the technical resources to bring your ideas to life. A creative video agency will have that covered, working closely with your team to leverage in-house creativity and take it one step further. From the technical lighting and sound equipment, to the editing software and far beyond. Unless you have high-quality products to work with, and the understanding of how to use them, it’ll be a huge challenge to create the crisp, clean video and clear audio that you desire so much – and this equipment isn’t always easily accessible to source yourself, trust us!

Commercial Ad for BBC Sounds with Tony Bellew - Bearded Fellows
Behind-the-scenes of Bearded Fellows commercial video for BBC Sounds.


Why are creative video agencies so effective? 

What happens if you do something for a living? You become better at it, aware of current trends, forecasting potential results/outcomes. It’s the same for a creative video agency. They have an understanding of what’s had a high impact and has been successful, so they really do know their field. Therefore, they will work with current trends and recent successes to emulate a high-quality video which packs a punch to achieve a brand’s goals. This is something which you may not have the experience to be able to deliver to the same level. In addition, they will be able to offer marketing advice for genuine conversion. This could be in the form of which video content to use on specific platforms, the frequency of posting, and the timing of the post.

Ultimately, creative video agencies are renowned for their unique, impactful storytelling. By capturing the brand story, highlighting the brand’s core values and telling the story through stunning visuals in the video, it will evoke an audience’s emotions. They can conceptualise the idea independently, or they can build on your own original ideas. Then, once the video has been delivered and the audience is connected and engaged, viewers are far more likely to convert to a customer, the ultimate goal.


Important factors to consider when selecting a creative video agency

There are a huge amount of factors to consider when deciding which creative video agency you’d like to work with. The simple logistics, such as pricing, are clear cut. But, how much experience do you ideally want them to have? Are you willing to take a risk on a younger company with less experience, but maybe a fresher mind? Or are previous successful campaigns under their belt a necessity? You may have a specific video style that you’re keen to emulate. If this is the case, you may want to see their previous campaigns to see if they can align with your ideas.

In addition, you may wish to have both high-quality animation and video production in your project or campaign. A creative video agency can do exactly that for you, ensuring your campaign stands out from the crowd.

Finally, but certainly most importantly, how much creativity do you require them to have? You may want an agency which thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to take a risk. This doesn’t mean that your initial ideas will be completely disregarded. In fact, it takes more creativity to build on them, applying layers to turn your lone thoughts into a standout campaign.

Overall, a creative video agency will set your video apart from the rest of the market. They will work collaboratively with a team of experts to create a captivating video. This, in turn, will leave an imprint on their audience, leading to future conversions. To find out more about our creative video production, get in touch to explore how we can drive your next project to success.

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