How to Write the Perfect Video Brief for a Creative Video Agency

June 8, 2023 by The Bearded Team

As London and the rest of the world becomes increasingly digital, video marketing has become a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes to connect with their audience. However, creating a video that resonates with your audience and drives results requires more than just a great idea – particularly if you want it to align with your business strategy, character and service. 

Why is a video brief important?

A well-crafted video brief is an essential component of any successful video project, underpinning the starting point of something spectacular. Whether you have written video briefs before, or whether you’re about to write your first one, this helpful guide from the team here at Bearded Fellows will provide you with a step-by-step on how to brief your creative video agency and get it right – resulting in an outstanding video for your TV or social campaign. 

Take a read for our top tips to get a head start.


Behind the Scenes of a Video Project with London Creative Agency Bearded Fellows
The video brief will lay the foundation for your creative agency’s initial proposal

Step-by-step guide to writing the perfect video brief

Step one: Define your USP and brand identity

To create a video that truly represents your brand and resonates with your audience, you need to clearly define your unique selling point (USP) and brand identity. Be sure to communicate your brand values, mission, and messaging to your video production team, so they can incorporate these elements into the video. With the absence of these core concepts, the character and authenticity of your business will be lost. 

Additionally, give your creative agency an insight into how people describe your brand. What words or phrases do they use? Who is your brand similar to, or is it one-of-a-kind? Take the time to gain some customer feedback to inform your response here; this information can help them to create a video that aligns with your audience’s perception of your brand, allowing them to find creative solutions to your marketing challenges.


Step two: Identify the problem your video needs to solve

Every video should solve a specific problem; whether it’s to promote a new product, create behavioural change, educate employees through learning and development animations, or communicate a message to a wider audience. Clearly identify the problem you want your video to solve in your brief so that your agency can tailor their approach to address the problem effectively and concisely. 


Step three: Set a realistic budget

Be upfront and honest about your budget from the start. Setting a realistic budget will help your creative video agency identify the most effective style, quality, and length for your video. Believe it or not, some of the most successful campaigns have come from low budgets! Knowing your budget simply allows creative agencies to know their limitations on what to pitch and what will be achievable. The aim is not to spend all of your budget. As you develop your working relationship with your creative agency, you’ll build trust and work more collaboratively.

Therefore, don’t hold back. The more specific you are about your budget, the better your agency can create a video that matches your requirements without sacrificing quality or engagement.   


Step four: Share inspirations with your video agency

It’s essential to communicate your vision for the video to your agency. Find examples of videos that you like and share them with the team.

Think of it like a new kitchen you’re designing. You’d likely create a mood board before visiting a kitchen designer, using inspiration from Pinterest or the showroom beforehand. It’s the same with video marketing. Sharing videos from your competitors or from other industries that you feel have been effective in achieving their marketing objectives can give them a taste of what you want to be fulfilled. If you can, be specific about what excites you about a certain reference – from humour to shooting style and scripts. This will ultimately help the production team understand your vision and create a video that aligns with your expectations.


Behind the Scenes with Essity - Bearded Fellows
Sharing inspiration with your creative video agency will help them collaborate with you closer on your vision


Step five: Communicate your marketing plans and objectives

As a creative video agency working with clients across London and Manchester, we want to fit into your wider marketing objectives to help achieve your long and short-term goals. To do this, we have to collaborate. Therefore, share your long and short-term goals! The more your agency knows about your business, the more likely they’ll be able to integrate with your broader marketing strategy to achieve success. 


Step six: Embrace imperfection

Remember, the brief is just the starting point to hitting your key objectives and allowing your audience to react positively. Be open to feedback and iterations, and don’t worry about being perfect! The more you collaborate with your agency, the better the video campaign will be.  


Award-winning video and animation

To conclude, a well-crafted video brief is a crucial component of any successful video project. By clearly communicating your USP, problem to solve, budget, inspirations, marketing plan, and objectives, you can work with your video production team to create a video that resonates with your audience and achieves your marketing goals.


Collaborating with your creative video agency for outstanding content - Bearded Fellows
Get started with the team at Bearded Fellows


If you’re looking to start your video marketing project today, get in touch with our creative team here at Bearded Fellows. We specialise in creating high quality, engaging videos and animations that help businesses connect with their audience to achieve their marketing objectives. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect video campaign for your business.

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