Video or Animation? The Power of Being Experts at Both

July 2, 2023 by Bearded Matthew

In today’s digital age, visual content has become paramount in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. For businesses and brands seeking to engage their audiences, a dynamic combination of animation and video is proving to be a winning formula. 

As a creative video and animation agency working with companies and brands across London & Manchester, we understand the power of this 50% animation and 50% video approach. While many agencies specialise in either video or animation, our strength lies in both. The remaining question is: how do we use this mighty combination to benefit our clients and how could it impact you? Take a read.

Behind the Scenes of a Video Project with Creative Agency Bearded Fellows
Behind the Scenes of a Video Project with Manchester Creative Agency Bearded Fellows

Enhanced storytelling

To have a successful product launch, learning and development animation or ad campaign, the video creators need to understand the art of storytelling and be able to deliver it well. Even better, by offering a combined approach to video and animation, it unlocks a world of possibilities for clients – we are not restricted when finding the appropriate solution for clients. 

Animation allows for imaginative narratives, showcasing abstract concepts and bringing inanimate objects to life. Through creative animation services, it’s possible to weave compelling stories that captivate audiences. Simultaneously, video production expertise enables the creator to capture real-world scenarios, featuring authentic human interactions, and evoking emotions. By combining animation and video seamlessly, it can provide clients with richer and more engaging narratives.


Providing cost-effective solutions

The 50/50 combination of video and animation offers cost-effective solutions for clients. Animation eliminates the need for location scouting, set construction, and talent hiring, reducing production costs. Animation assets can be reused and repurposed, maximising initial investments. It visualises complex ideas and allows for flexible iterations without significant expenses. By strategically balancing animation and video production, clients optimise their budgetary resources, allocating animation for imaginative storytelling and video production for capturing authenticity. This balanced approach delivers high-quality content while keeping costs under control.

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Engaging visual experiences

In a highly saturated digital landscape, capturing and retaining audience attention is crucial. An innovative creative video agency that can capture both aspects of video creation can excel in creating visually captivating experiences. 

While animation services bring eye-catching visuals to the forefront, with vibrant colours, unique character designs, and mesmerising motion. Video production capabilities offer the chance to showcase real-world scenarios, fostering a sense of realism and relatability. By combining animation and video, they deliver immersive visual experiences that captivate audiences, increasing brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversions for their clients.


Enhanced branding and consistency

Consistency in brand messaging and visual identity is essential for businesses. Bearded Fellows, a trusted creative animation agency for London-based clients, understands the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand presence. 

Animation content can support the creation of branded intros, explainer videos and animated logos to lure the viewer in and instantly grab attention, reinforcing brand recognition. Video production can further embed the already-powerful branding, allowing clients to showcase their products or services in real-world contexts. Why is this important? It fosters trust and credibility of the brand, something which is imperative for a successful business to convey a coherent and compelling brand story.


Case Study: British Red Cross

A recent example for the British Red Cross highlights how we used both video and animation to provide engaging first-aid video content. Overall, we delivered 10 L&D videos to support workplace first-aid presentations, act as course companions and to feature in email marketing campaigns.

Read about the full project here.

Award-winning video & animation studio

Here at Bearded Fellows, we offer a powerful combination of animation and video services. With the opportunity of benefitting from both services, we can provide clients with enhanced storytelling, versatility, cost-effective solutions and a powerful yet consistent brand presence. 

If you require an ad campaign, product launch, how-to videos or learning and development animations and are interested to see how we can combine both video and animation services to achieve success, please do not hesitate to contact us at Bearded Fellows. 


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