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Avoiding The Number 1 e-Learning Mistake. (+ The 6 Key Benefits of Working With A L&D Creative Agency)

April 7, 2021 by Bearded Matthew

L&D Project Managers: Hit your targets & create added value for you, your stakeholder and your learners. Here are the 6 key benefits of working with an L&D creative agency. 


The Value Of L&D Content

The demand for what L&D content should achieve is high, as is he demand for what L&D Project Managers need to achieve. Learning and development content should provide learners with high impact, high engagement, ‘sticky’ learning experiences that support individual learning journeys. These experiences can change the behaviour, attitudes or mental models of the learner. They should also support the development of new skills, improve performance and ultimately drive high ROI for stakeholders.


The Challenges Facing L&D Project Managers

Project Managing these learning experiences is demanding and requires a unique set of knowledge and skills. As a L&D Project Manager, you are required to curate large amounts of content in a very limited time span whilst driving momentum to ensure every deadline is met. The pressure is on to meet the demands of numerous stakeholders, meet a variety of blended learning briefs and cater for a variety of learning styles. No pressure there then..!


The Number 1 Mistake That Puts L&D Projects At Risk

To add an extra layer of pressure; as the demand for L&D experiences is rising, so too are the expectations for what this content needs to achieve. Budgets are squeezed as the demand for content volume increases, and many managers are finding themselves having to managing the creative content process themselves to accommodate for this reduction in resources. 

Whilst this may seem a sensible way to manage a limited set of resources, this puts the whole L&D project at risk. 


The Skills & Experiences Needed To Manage Video or Animation Content

Managing the development of creative L&D content such as video, animation or mixed media is a complex role in itself and takes a variety of skills and experience to achieve good results. An L&D Creative Content Project Manager needs experience in managing a range of creative processes such as ideation, storyboarding, script, design, illustration, direction, production, motion graphics, editing, voice over, music and animation.


It’s unrealistic to expect an L&D project manager to have the capacity and experience to manage these elements, the creative teams involved, AND to manage the overall success of the L&D project.



The 6 Key Benefits of Working With A L&D Creative Agency

As a Learning Manager in the eye of the storm no one knows these pressures better than you. But how can you educate your stakeholders and ensure you get the resources you need to meet your objectives? Here’s how working with an experienced L&D creative agency will ensure added value for you, your stakeholder and your learners.


An experienced L&D Creative Agency will:        


 1 – Manage Expectations

Often, initial expectations on L&D projects are unrealistic. Experienced agencies will use their experience and expertise to foresee any challenges and will ensure the project is set up to succeed. A good agency will support you to refine a brief & will suggest the best type of video/animation output for your project, or perhaps even both, if you want to read more on that topic, you can do so, here. A good agency will also empower you to communicate this to key stakeholders. 


2 – Provide Accountability & Empowerment 

A client focused agency will shoulder accountability and provide you with the expertise to ensure your project goes to plan. Milestones, deadlines and priorities will be confidently planned, and the most efficient process will be implemented into your teams workflow. This empowers you to communicate this to stakeholders and hold your teams to account.


3 – Deliver Seamless Management, Process & Flow

Agencies are experts at seamlessly delivering high quality workflow experiences for a varied range of clients. Processes which are full proof will be in place with experienced agencies. This will guarantee results and can be instantly adapted to meet the needs of all clients. 


4 – Have The Best Talent on Hand

Working with an experienced agency means that there’s no need to spend valuable hours and resources sourcing, interviewing, contracting and managing the creative team you need. A good agency will know what skills to source and will have a network of highly skilled, experienced creatives to match the brief. 


5 – Have Instant Capacity & Scale Up

Good agencies act as an extension to your team and alleviate the risks of having finite capacity. They can immediately expand and deliver whenever the extra workload comes in or whenever a project needs scaling. This ensures you don’t miss a deadline or opportunity.


6 – Save Your Budget

There should be no reason to go over budget when working with an experienced agency. You will be provided with a straight up cost for all elements & no hidden costs should arise. Added value is guaranteed as you have the best team that is committed to providing you with the highest quality content. This content will meets your goals and be delivered on time and in budget.  



And so dear Project Managers.. this is how working with an experienced L&D Creative Agency will ensure success for your e-learning projects. Want to learn more about creative video agencies? Explore our blog post: What is a Creative Video Agency?


Alternatively, if you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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