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October 19, 2023 by The Bearded Team

Nice Shit Animation | Top Animations We Love | Bearded Fellows Animation Production

Every time we begin a new animation project, we create mood boards featuring works that have sparked our curiosity and imagination. These inspirations act as a catalyst, allowing us to explore and enhance our creative boundaries. 

From colour palettes, to sound, storytelling and beyond, we’ve been able to develop and enhance our projects through mood boards created from animations that have captivated our interest. With that in mind, take a look at our top seven favourite animation examples that have captured our admiration and imagination over the years, including some of our own works.


1. Metamorphosis by Buck

Client: Good Books

Agency: Buck

Campaign: Metamorphosis

“Metamorphosis” by Buck stands as a timeless masterpiece in the realm of 2D and 3D animation examples. While this animation is over a decade old, it still continues to inspire and set a benchmark for animators like ourselves, despite the enhanced technology we have access to today. 

The fluidity and complexity of movement design, seamlessly blending 2D with 3D elements, make this an outstanding project. It delivers a captivating story that encourages the audience to embrace the joy of reading. The colour palette and texturing resemble the strokes of a paintbrush, offering a tactile feeling, enhancing the psychedelic world portrayed. The meticulous sound design takes this immersive experience to the next level, maintaining audience engagement throughout.


2. “We Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice” by NOMINT

Client: WWF Arctic Programme

Agency: NOMINT

Campaign: “We can’t negotiate the melting point of ice”

“We Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice” by NOMINT is a spectacular stop motion animation example, a labour of love and dedication for a critical global issue. The intricacies of movement design achieved through stop motion are nothing short of awe-inspiring and thought provoking. This example of stop motion animation expertly conveys a powerful message without being preachy, showcasing the mastery of storytelling through visual art. 

The well-deserved numerous awards it has received, including recognition at Cannes Lions, CLIOS, The Drum and Creative Circle Awards, highlight its brilliance and impact within the animation community.


3. Blue Dog by Nice Shit

Client: Nice Shit

Agency: Nice Shit

Project: Blue Dog

“Blue Dog” by Nice Shit is a stellar representation of passion in animation. A project born out of sheer passion, it embodies both 2D and 3D animation examples that have been executed flawlessly. The character design and motion are exceptional, complemented by a captivating storytelling narrative. 

Even though the primary purpose was to promote their own beer, the animation’s quality and creativity demonstrate that when passion drives a project, you will achieve remarkable results. This project has multiple layers and while there is so much to digest, it remains nonchaotic for the viewer.


4. COSHH Learning and Development Animations by Bearded Fellows

Client: Flow Hospitality

Agency: Bearded Fellows

Project: COSHH Learning and Development Animations

This project was in-house, here at Bearded Fellows. It was one of five unique animations for Flow Hospitality which we were particularly proud of. Drawing inspiration from modernist painter Piet Mondrian and the dynamic Pop Art aesthetic, we aimed to create a visually stimulating experience to share the importance of COSHH in learning and development animations. Therefore, we played with contrasting colours, themes and motion, carefully calibrating each element to strike the perfect balance between the scenario being presented and the on-screen action.

At the heart of the animation is our main character, a personification of the COSHH symbol, transformed into a charismatic mascot. This character embodies the essence of COSHH and guides the audience through the video, making the learning process more engaging and relatable.

Overall, our approach seamlessly blends 2D animations with a rich palette of vibrant colours, breathing life into the narrative. To add an element of excitement and familiarity, we infused the animation with American game show elements. Elements like voice overlay, music and engaging scenes to captivate interest right from the outset.


5. Charlie 25 Habillage by Zuza Films

Client: Cherie 25

Agency: Zuza Films

Project: Charlie 25 Habillage

“Charlie 25 Habillage” by Zuza Films is rotoscoped-styled with a unique blend of animation combined with video elements. This example of rotoscoped animation stands as a testament to how 2D animation can seamlessly merge with real-life video to create an enchanting visual experience. 

The flow, motion, colour palette and music all harmonise to deliver a captivating narrative that has stood the test of time for over 10 years, inspiring creatives and animators, like ourselves, to explore the use of new techniques in their projects.


6. Mesh by Gunner

Client: Gunner

Agency: Gunner

Project: Mesh

Gunner’s “Mesh” animation offers surprises at every corner, integrating elements of live action with the animated world. The juxtaposition of static backgrounds with mesmerising and vibrant animated moments showcases the creativity in both 2D and 3D animation examples. The comedic value infused through the music beautifully complements the concept of falling through space and landscapes. This makes this animation a standout and memorable piece within the realm of animations.


7. Wheel of Misfortunes Podcast by Bearded Fellows

Client: BBC Sounds

Agency: Bearded Fellows

Project: Wheel of Misfortunes Podcast

Another one of our favourite in-house animations was for the Wheel of Misfortunes podcast. We employed a character-led animation approach, designing distinct characters to vividly bring to life the intriguing stories shared on the podcast. The clips that were selected to be brought to life through animation were chosen specifically as they were the most engaging segments, serving as the foundation for animating these captivating stories.

A crucial aspect was the collaboration with illustrator Amiluu, whose expertise brought originality to character design and scene illustrations. The team masterfully visualised scenarios from the podcast in a comical fashion, utilising both the podcast studio and relevant story settings. Overall, this approach allowed for seamless integration of different storytelling elements, captivating the audience and setting the stage for an exciting podcast season.


Creative Animations in Manchester and London

Our success can partially be shared with those above who have inspired our work, as without their projects of passion, we would not have had experimented with innovative creative avenues for our successful animation results here at Bearded Fellows. Through the years, we have developed and fine tuned a wide range of techniques that we use in our creative animation. Do you have a creative animation project coming up that you need support with? Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help. 


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