5 Ways Software Companies Can Leverage Video Marketing

February 18, 2022 by Bearded Matthew

How Software Companies Can Use Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

If you work in marketing at a software organisation, the likelihood is you’re very familiar with product explainer videos which explain a product or concept to the consumer. But video marketing is so much more than only explainer videos and video is still a relatively untouched tool in most software companies marketing toolbox. 

Video marketing can fall into several categories: 

  • Promo Video: a video made to promote or advertise a product, service or event.
  • Brand Video: a video created to show a companies ethos or values, these are not used to specifically advertise anything but instead connect a company to their audience.
  • Explainer Video: These videos are used to explain a product or service, perfect for showing a complex concept in a succinct, easy-to-digest format, usually with a call-to-action such as to purchase your product or service.
  • How-to Video: These differ from explainer video’s as they are usually more factual and in a tutorial format, useful for after the customer has purchased your product or service. 
  • Testimonial Video: created to show a customers positive experience with your product or service in a video. These types of videos can build trust and encourage future purchases. 
  • Demo Video: More technical and ‘behind-the-scenes’, software demo videos usually use screen recording concepts to look at the software in action, rather than re-creating the software benefits for a more engaging promotional video. Often used low-funnel for converting prospects.

For software companies, trying to stand out amongst the crowd can be difficult – and it’s even more difficult if you stick with a very tech-focused animation without any attempt to think outside the box. So if you’re looking to make an impact online and do things a bit differently, here’s how software companies can use video marketing to standout:

  1. Emphasise your personality
  2. Adopt a storytelling approach
  3. Incorporate explainer videos
  4. Create video case studies

Emphasise your personality with a brand video

Software companies have a tendency to focus on explainer videos. While explainer videos certainly have their place for selling how your software or platforms work, you might struggle to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from the market. Creating a brand video alongside your explainer will give your software company the chance to show your personality and company values, which will allow you to connect with your audience and build a stronger relationship with your consumers. Discover our 3 must-haves for a successful brand video, here.

If you do not have the scope to create a library of videos, you could try injecting more personality and branding into your other video content. Take this example we completed for e.Fundamentals. The ultimate aim of the video was to sell the benefits of the e.Fundamentals platform to potential clients – without using a traditional format explainer video. We wanted to make it relatable, personable and engaging for that target market and therefore used an in-person presenter to tell her story, leveraging motion graphic animated sections on-screen to help visualise and conceptualise the platform. This video was in addition to a more traditional animation explainer video, injecting personality into the brand.

Here’s some ways you could emphasise your personality in software video marketing:

  1. Reduce animation and focus on the people
  2. Tell a story – real or fake – to encourage emotional investment
  3. Narration should be as natural as possible
  4. Offer ‘behind the scenes’ insights

Adopt a storytelling approach

Think of one of your favourite movies. What does it do well?

We imagine that it is a smooth story – it lays out the problem/challenge the main characters are going to face, and then you join them on their journey as they overcome it. You’re emotionally invested in the characters and their journey and it likely follows a path to the solution, with a few twists-and-turns to keep you on your toes.

The same concept should be applied to your video marketing. When scripting your videos, adopt a storytelling approach. If you go behind the scenes and focus on the challenges initially faced before providing the software solution, you will be more likely to engage your audience – identifying their problem and providing a solution. The viewer will be able to relate to the challenges and therefore be more receptive to the benefits when explained. This helps to build trust in your brand from the get-go. 

This video we created for Home-Start Birmingham is a fantastic example of how a story telling approach can really enhance your video marketing. 

Home-Start Birmingham | Brand Animation | Mum, Jenny & Me from Bearded Fellows on Vimeo.

To explain or not to explain?

We have touched on the fact that the majority of software companies largely focus on animated explainer videos, and while we do feel more needs to be done to stand out from the crowd, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create them at all. Explainer videos are popular in software companies because they are a successful tools for your video marketing approach, helping prospective clients to understand your product and how it can benefit them, in an engaging and interactive way.

Check out this explainer video we completed for Google:

Why do explainer videos work so well?

Software explainer videos are successful because they bring together both visual and audio to take your prospective client on a step-by-step through your product/service – you take them on a journey. Sometimes software can be difficult to explain just verbally, while showing a prospective client the back-end of your technology might not engage them in the short timeframe available. Pulling together both text/visuals and audio increases message retention and helps the prospective client to easily visualise the software and its benefits.

We highly recommend you continue to incorporate explainer videos into your overall video marketing strategy. Having these video’s within reach for your customers can help bridge the gap between you and your audience. Want to find out more about explainer videos? Explore our blog post: 3 Signs Your Customers Need an Explainer Video.

Combine video with case studies for the winning ticket

Every software company needs case studies to help convert customers – showing your product/service in action and working for your clients is key. One of the ways most software companies like to market their case studies is in PDF format, beautifully designed and full of stats. However, PDF case studies are on their way out. Video is such a necessary part of your marketing strategy, and that includes for your case studies too. With word of mouth marketing and referrals being one of the strongest forms of marketing (particularly in SaaS), having real human case studies on video, rather than written, brings together WoM tactics with high-reach and engaging video. A winning ticket, right?

For a successful case study video, you want to ensure you have on-camera interviews with customers who testify to how your software solved a customers problem with stats and figures. Here’s some questions you can pass onto your clients which will lay the foundation for your video case study:

  1. What was [insert client’s name] main challenge?
  2. What stood out about [insert your software name]?
  3. How easy was the process in using [insert your software name]?
  4. What were the benefits of using [software] for [client]?

Let’s do video differently

Software companies can benefit from a well-rounded video marketing strategy that will not only increase engagement and build brand awareness, but will also save you time and resources.  You may be convinced by video marketing but are still unsure it’s a wise investment, but the value you receive from a proper video marketing strategy is bound to result in high ROI.  

If you are overwhelmed with where to start in creating your video content – allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Bearded Fellows, we help brands, agencies and organisations to achieve their strategic marketing goals through video and animated content.

Contact us today to start your journey to better video marketing for your software organisation.

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